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Soldiers in the park 📣

nutrition Sep 06, 2022

I have been spending a lot of time doing laps of Clapham Common here in London and I need to address something I've been frequently observing.


Men in army pants, with women doing burpees, sprints and sit-ups in the park.


I'm guessing (hoping!) that they are ex-military that are now running fitness bootcamps for the general public.


I was watching them pointing at the ground and shouting at a woman as she came back from her run around the trees.


It looked pretty miserable to be honest.


Maybe she was having a great time, but I was thinking "What if she is doing this bootcamp just to lose weight?"


(Because maybe she is doing it for fitness, or for practice for the military - who knows?!)


It reminds me of how so many women use exercise as a form of punishment. They think that if a workout isn't miserable then it isn't effective for fat loss.


It's the same with dieting. There is no need to be super restrictive.


I had a client write to me yesterday because she couldn't understand how easy she is finding The Furnace:


"Hi Siobhan....Ive a question for u..Ive been on the plan for about 4 weeks now..its brilliant am losing cm and weight going down slowly, feel fantastic and eating so well..not feeling hungry or restricted at all..i just cant get my head around HOW this is working so my cals are over 2k a day and im getting the workouts done and dont mind doing am I losing weight and cms? I just dont understand..?? It protein magic stuff altogether? 🤣"


Click here for the secret protein powder. (lol jk)


I blame diet culture for making us think that exercise is for burning calories and that dieting should be restrictive or miserable, or else it's not working.


I hate seeing people trying too hard! Does that make me a bad PT? Should I be in the park shouting at people?


I am inherently lazy and I enjoy the nice things in life. I also want to be lean. 


So I have carved out the easiest and laziest way to do it.


It's really simple: a slow sustainable calorie deficit while using training to focus on getting stronger, fitter or more skilled.


If you are like me, and want to find the easy way through this - you can join The Furnace now for the sale price.


(Sorry to anybody who got hit with the waiting list yesterday - a mistake on my side! Spaces are open if you click the button below)


Thanks for reading,


Siobhan "Big fan of khaki pants though" O'Hagan

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