Hello, I'm Siobhán.


I've been a qualified personal trainer for the last 7 years. In that time I have helped thousands of women become happy with their body. I draw on my personal experience and education to empower women with the right mindset to live their life while being happy with the relationship they have with their bodies.


I am not only very passionate about health and fitness, but also getting as much “living” as we can out of our lives. I left my career in the corporate world to follow my passion. I built a following online through sharing my struggles with getting “in shape” while still trying to live my life. I believe in finding the right balance to get long term results.

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My Thoughts on Operation Transformation

I believe that focusing on the number on the scales can be detrimental to getting fitter and stronger. This is because if you build muscle, you may see the scales go up (but, ironically, look leaner)...

Are you smashing January? (Me neither)

I had to remind myself that it is probably similar to my followers who feel like they should be doing some sort of fitness program in January because all they see are people posting about their new regimes...

My Thoughts on Manifesting...

It's one of those things, like meditation - if it's not part of my daily morning routine, it quickly gets forgotten about.

So am I here to tell you that I will keep it up daily? No.

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