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mindset Aug 03, 2022

I am travelling to Brussels tomorrow to go to Tomorrowland.


If you’ve never heard of it - it’s a huge dance music festival with about 250,000 people attending.


I’ve always loved electronic music. I even wanted to be a DJ when I was a kid, and I was doing mixes on the desktop, before I was told I should get a “real job” (and look at me now! Jokes on them!).


I’ve been to so many festivals over the years and the last one I was at was Ultra 2019 in Croatia.


So I had booked tickets for Ultra Australia which was in March 2020.


I was in Bali that March, and it was just one flight to Sydney, where I was going to stay with my friend.


But when it came to it, I didn’t go.


Not because of the Rona though. Because I felt like I was in a good run of things with training and work, and didn’t want to mess it up.


I’ve always been pretty headstrong and if I don’t want to do something, I won’t.


So I stayed in Canggu and probably did an extra day or two of work and an extra day or two of training.


I watched my friends go and have an amazing time.


But of course, I didn’t realise that I really was missing my last chance to go to Australia and my last festival for years.


I don’t really live with any regrets (besides not flying home for the All Ireland football final in 2011), but I like to observe situations and learn from them.


That situation really helped me this week when I was having doubts about going to Tomorrowland.


I was standing in the mirror looking at myself in a tie-dye dress and bandana and telling myself that I’m “too old” for this.


I’m on such a good run with my training, work and life in general, that I would love to just stay in my cosy apartment for the weekend.


I feel like the old 'Bali-Siobhan' booked Tomorrowland!


But then I remember what happened the last time.


I know this is a once in a lifetime experience, and I will have the time of my life. Yes I will be tired and unproductive for a few days after - but this reminds me of the same principle I spoke about in yesterday’s email.


It’s not what you do for one week that shapes your life - it is what you do consistently.


I think the lesson here is to always be observing and learning from life experiences - not regretting things or judging yourself.


You live or you learn.


That’s basically just an email saying I am clocking off the weekend! Speak to you next week!


Thanks for reading,


Siobhan “DJ Shivers” O’Hagan 

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