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I'm so tired 🥱

mindset Aug 03, 2022

Hello from the other side!


I was so glad I went to Tomorrowland in the end. It was so fun!!


I left all the glitter and bum bags in the hotel room, and I am now sitting  on my couch in London in my new ugg slippers and I couldn't be happier.


I wasn't expecting to be this tired a few days after though.


It's so hard to motivate yourself to do anything when you're tired.


But I know how I want to feel, and that is productive and healthy.


So today I went to the gym to move my body, I ate nutritious food (and a magnum), I did lots of work... and I am sending this email.


This is a terrible email.


Some of them are great, but this one is not.


But I am sending it anyway, because it's not about being perfect - it's about being consistent.


If I waited until it was perfect, I wouldn't be able to tell you there are 5 days left of the summer sale on The Furnace.


I know coming into the bank holiday, that the last thing you are thinking about is signing up to a training program.


But it is so much more than that. 


I just had the most amazing call with a client who completed The Furnace, and did the old version this year.


Both journeys were completely different for her and I'm so proud of how much her relationship has improved with her body.


If you want help with this, you can join until Monday at 25% off (It's supposed to run until Sunday but I know some of you will want to sign up on a bank holiday monday - it's always a popular day!)



Click the button below to join for only €66.75 per month instead of €89 from next week!


If you have any questions, please reply to this and I will get back to you before Monday so you don't miss out!


Thanks for reading,


Siobhan "retired from festivals" O'Hagan

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