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Happy Birthday to Me 🥳💃🏻

Sep 06, 2022

t's my birthday on Monday. I'll be 34 and I'm not even mad. Life is just getting better and better.


It's all about perspective!


Anyway - my birthday usually signals the end of the summer (sigh) or even worse, when I was younger - back to school.


But it's also a time when people start getting back into a routine.


I thought I would put The Furnace on sale, because I feel so passionately about saving women from another restrictive diet.


You don't actually have to work that hard to change the shape of your body. It just takes consistency.


I know that I can help you escape the diet culture that we were brought up in.


I asked Ciara, who recently finished The Furnace, who she would recommend The Furnace to.


Here's what she said:

'Anyone who needs some help with their relationship with food and exercise. I consider myself knowledgeable in both areas but I was still impacted by diet culture and mainly struggled with guilt and not being able to accept my body. The furnace has opened me to a new mindset and perspective which would be invaluable to anybody.'


If this sounds like you, and you are in anyway hesitant about joining - I have just reduced the prices.


I want you to feel like Ciara in 12 weeks (December!).


If you join today, you can lock in the price of €69 per month instead of €89 per month.


It is a 3 month subscription (that you can pause/cancel no problem) and once you have paid you have access to all the workouts and videos for good.


So what are you waiting for?


Click the big red button below to get started.


Thanks for reading,


Siobhan "Officially mid-thirties" O'Hagan

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