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Don't train today

mindset training Aug 03, 2022

You know the saying ‘One hot day doesn’t make a Summer’?


I usually say that when I’m talking about having one day of eating really high calories.


Fat loss is not about what you do on a once-off. It’s about your long term behaviours.


And for that reason, if you are mustering up the motivation to train when it’s this hot outside. Just leave it.


Go have fun. Sit in the garden. Have a Frozé.


Maybe a walk would be nice.


But don’t think you will mess up your progress by missing a training session.


It’s currently 39 degrees here in London so I’m sitting with two fans in my face.


I did train this morning, because I know that I have no motivation to train when it’s a nice evening - especially this side of the globe where the weather can be so unpredictable.


And remember, if you do skip a planned training session - that doesn’t mean you’ve messed up your training plan for the week.


It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being consistent.


That’s all for today!


Siobhan “Clapham is hotter than Bali” O’Hagan


P.S. I made a quick reel this morning talking about snacking. I don’t know if you saw it because the instagram algorithm kills me these days but if you like content like that, switch on notifications for my posts so you don’t miss any more :)

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